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2 min read

How to Turn Traditional eCommerce Analytics Into Actionable Insights - Part 1 of 2

Take advantage of Google’s data processing prowess through AAXIS Data Insights to make superior decisions in real time. A fast, reliable and cost-effective way to combine your digital interaction data with all your back-end data points using Google Cloud...

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5 min read

Transitioning To A New eCommerce Platform Is A Business Challenge, Not A Technology Race

Anybody who’s been through an eCommerce replatform project knows it’s nothing like upgrading your phone to the latest version. It’s a significant commitment that can take months to complete while costing hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars.

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4 min read

Managed Cloud Services: Unlock Your Digital Commerce Cloud Benefits

For many IT leaders, the transition to digital commerce in the cloud is a mandate for survival.  After all, the cloud’s advantages are many: increased efficiency, better business agility and speed, access to new technology paradigms and lower costs....

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