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Sheet Music Plus

With more music genres on the market than ever before, categorizing the endless scores had become an impossible task for Sheet Music Plus.



icon-who Who?

Considered the ‘World’s Largest Sheet Music Selection’, Sheet Music Plus is the go-to online business for customers seeking sheet music - whether it’s seasonal, complex, designed for a beginner level or covering a variety of different instruments.

Operating entirely online since its conception in 1997, Sheet Music Plus ships music scores out to musicians all over the world, with the additional benefit that the customer service team are all trained musicians - offering guidance and advice as well as information on order tracking and delivery.

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icon-project The Project

Sheet Music Plus operates exclusively online, enabling the business to offer sheet music to a global customer base with fast delivery and competitive prices. The outstanding service provided by the trained musicians who manage the customer service branch of the business has meant that Sheet Music Plus is now considered one of the world’s best music stores, however, the existing website was homemade and made it difficult for the business to really scale in line with growing demand.

Sheet Music Plus was consistently finding that it was unable to expand its ever-growing and highly complex catalog and that the lack of IT resources made managing the business itself difficult for the small team.

AAXIS Digital was engaged to help Sheet Music Plus create and deliver an online platform that could automate the sales process and deliver the same level of personalized service to customers but without draining IT resources. We were also tasked with addressing the needs of a growing online business by simplifying the process of adding to the catalog and overcoming complex taxonomy requirements attributing to the categorization of each piece of music.

icon-approach Our Approach

The first part of the project that we tackled was the growing business need, to efficiently provide Sheet Music Plus with a scalable and customizable framework for their digital commerce platform. Due to the online model of the business, the crossover to the new platform had to be done without interrupting the business and while delivering the need for a high degree of personalization for each and every customer.

Another important part of the project dealt with the overlapping taxonomies of each and every piece of music, considering and finding ways of linking music to its relevant categories without losing focus on SEO and the pitfall of duplicate pages. The overall aim of this was to ensure that the customer search function would be effective and efficient, without impacting the full site’s SEO ranking.

We also wanted to provide a platform with minimal need for manual intervention, enabling customers to complete their own orders and manage their own needs without utilizing the resources of the business excessively. By building a personalized backend experience, Sheet Music Plus hoped to continue to deliver the high-quality experience that customers have come to expect while being able to expand and grow at the same time.

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icon-project The Results

Upon completion of the project, Sheet Music Plus was left with a new online platform which was built by AAXIS Digital with expansion in mind - enabling the business to scale and handle its growing and complex catalog in-house.

A great deal of focus was put on the customer search function and the categorization of each piece of music, meaning that the high-quality customer experience has been upheld and - in many areas - improved considerably. This has resulted in an increase in positive customer feedback and the assignment of business resources in more productive ways.

The platform that now holds the Sheet Music Plus website is robust and easy to navigate and allows the business to support and manage the site entirely with their very small team.

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