The Road So Far

AAXIS Digital is only one chapter in our story

The AAXIS Group

AAXIS operates in North America, LatAm, and the wider APAC regions.  AAXIS Digital is our services business focusing on Digital Commerce since 1999.  We started AAXIS.IO to build IP solutions for specific use cases that aren't readily supported by mainstream commerce platforms.  We recently formed a joint venture,, with a distinguished group of premiere wealth advisors in Latin America where we provide the "tech" in a disruptive FinTech solution for the LatAm market.

AAXIS Digital

With over 2 decades of Digital Commerce design & implementation experience, we're your business partner for commerce.  We help you make Digital Commerce decisions that matter for your bottom line - then implement the right technology to deliver those results.


Understanding that certain industry verticals like Telco, CSP, and FinTech have very specific commerce use cases that aren't well served by mainstream commerce platforms, we created AAXIS.IO to meet their needs.  You no longer have to invest in an entire commerce platform for access to the 20% of features your solution requires.


Our clients should not have to compromise on the quality and cost of financial services that they deserve. We merge industry-leading asset management, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated Wealth Consultants to provide affluent investors with white-glove wealth management services previously reserved only for ultra high-net-worth individuals.


Where It All Started

AAXIS came into being in 1999. It was started by the co-founders Asad Durrani and Amir Zafar as the world was at the cusp of changing as digital commerce was just getting started. In this initial period, the company was helping its customers move from complex back-office systems to newer technologies. With time AAXIS developed from a Southern California company which was focused on the media & entertainment and finance verticals, to a company that has a global footprint working across many verticals, with a specialization now in B2B organizations. AAXIS presence can be felt not only in the U.S but also in Latin America and in some parts of Asia.


Our Journey So Far

In mid-2000 there was a rise of large Indian IT firms that were offering pricing that was never seen before in the industry. With cheaper offshore teams they were able to score a lot of clients and companies from the U.S were at a disadvantage because of this major change. But AAXIS remained positive and to remain competitive they quickly decided to go for a global delivery price point.

In 2007, AAXIS opened its first offshore delivery center in China.  This was an unusual move for the time, as everyone was pretty much moving to India. But this bold decision proved fruitful as they discovered that they had access to a large pool of skilled labor in China. They managed to grow this center which had skilled labor into a Center of Excellent with over 250 skilled Commerce developers. From here they even provided service to their clients located in Latin America & U.S. as well as now being able to offer unique services to Western companies based on technology trends coming out of China and the APAC region.

They did not stop with China though.  AAXIS continued to evolve with the market. It extended its services to the largest online retailer in Chile, Falabella, in 2009 and with that expanded operations to Latin America. Their first major customer in Latin America was located in Santiago, Chile. AAXIS subsequently opened its Latin American Center of Excellence here in 2012.