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2 min read
AAXIS Digital Wins Innovation Award at the Inaugural Oro Brilliance Awards

LOS ANGELES, California – May 19, 2021 – AAXIS Digital, a B2B and B2C digital commerce agency announced today that it...

2 min read
SupplyCore Inc. Teams with AAXIS and Oro to Upgrade Its Digital Commerce Systems

LOS ANGELES, California, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SupplyCore Inc., a supply chain integrator with 33 years’...

3 min read
7 Intelligent Inventory Strategies for Tomorrow

Many things improve with age. Balsamic vinegar, cheddar cheese, cast iron skillets, and of course, fine wine....

1 min read
Google the Data Processing Powerhouse

Google is one of the pioneers in harnessing the power of data. Over the years google has put its research and...