Company Overview

Almost a century after Buck threw his first college party, the customers and venues have changed, technology has evolved, our reach is far greater, and the services we offer far more expansive. Yet even as Freeman continues to grow, our commitment to making meaningful experiences remains the same. From the beginning, we make it personal℠.

Service Areas

Digital Commerce


Founded in 1927, Freeman is a leading provider of integrated services for experiential marketing, specializing in event marketing and management. Freeman saw a significant opportunity to increase top-line revenue and expand market share by tmaking strategic investments in digital sales and transforming how to create value for their customers using digital technology and experiences.


  • Revamped entire website based on more user-friendly interface, best practices, and compatibility with Oracle Commerce current framework.
  • Implemented new features to the commerce site, which now provides more relevant content for site customers.
  • Created an architecture that allowed preferred 3rd party vendor’s catalog to be included on the site. This design also made it possible for future integration with external order management systems for outside vendors.
  • Upgraded their platform to Oracle Commerce 11.3 to improve stability, security and performance.
  • Implemented Oracle Endeca Search to enhance search capabilities on the site and take advantage of the framework to enable mobile responsive.


  • User Experience was vastly improved, as the average number of daily orders processed online increased.
  • Operational Costs for maintaining the ecommerce platform and performing updates and new features dropped significantly. Daily restarts no longer required.
  • Online Checkout Experience was made easier and faster than before, reducing the number of customer calls for help related to online orders.
  • Self Service Features, such as allowing a customer to configure a show exhibit online, significantly reduced customer service calls.
  • Platform Performance improvements helped with faster loading times for pages during peak traffic periods.