Our Core Services

We deliver solutions that connect your wider enterprise to increase Customer conversion.

Digital Commerce >>

Implement or optimize the Commerce platform you use to transact with your customers, consumers and vendors. We’ve spent decades working with a wide variety of technology partners and have the experience to help you find the right fit for the tasks at hand.

Data Insights >>

Connect the digital dots of what’s really going on at engagement touch-points across your enterprise. This is the new oil to find your footing in the current digital disruption that will tell you where to course correct to maximize engagement & revenue.

Customer Engagement >>

Create the digital connectedness required to build the relationships and engagement with your customers, your store associates and your vendors along the supply chain.

Digital Architecture >>

Define a digital “to be” path forward to ensure your core legacy systems can continue to function while enabling a more elastic and agnostic DevOps framework for quicker and more flexible iterative solution development.

Digital Commerce

Implement new or optimize existing - we can answer the How's & Why's

eCommerce has become a commodity service and being able to transact with you online is increasingly viewed as table stakes across most verticals – but one size doesn’t fit all.

Today’s customers and consumers expect to engage with you differently depending on their role, activity, vertical, market segment – even the time of day. Understanding how your Commerce capabilities need to support your customers is the first step in evaluating what technologies and platforms are most suitable to help you meet those needs. Unfortunately, these needs evolve over time driving successful Commerce channels to adopt a continuous iterative process to optimize revenue growth – launching a new Commerce channel or platform isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.

Our Digital Commerce team can help you make this easier.

Our process, shaped from over 2 decades of delivering Commerce solutions, takes a business-first approach to help you review your existing technology landscape and identify the most effective path forward to meeting the expectations of your customers and consumers. This means we look to capitalize on existing investments to the extent it’s fiscally responsible and verify we’re mapping capabilities back to true business needs ensuring that your initiative is not adding technical bloat or unnecessary cost. This approach is further grounded through analysis of your data which means we’re guided by facts & statistical trends not just assumptions or preferences.

With delivery centers on 3 continents, we can apply this process to a combination of onshore, near shore and offshore project delivery models enabling us to create the best mix to align with your organization.

Data Insights

We'll get you data-driven, connecting the digital dots of what’s really going on

There was a time when the phrase “Content is King” was a guiding paradigm across virtually all verticals – and content certainly remains a vital element particularly for product information and as a core tenant of marketing programs. However, over the last several years our industry has seen the concept of Data Insights ascend the throne as the new King.

The pervasiveness and adoption of digital channels by customers and consumers together with the explosive growth of connected devices has made it virtually impossible to manage engagement touchpoints manually. Combine this with advances in new technologies and affordable cloud native storage & services and the ability to have algorithms assist us in understanding the patterns & intent of engagement behavior has unlocked new possibilities that go far beyond traditional web analytics. These possibilities not only allow you to more accurately understand how customers are engaging with you – across all channels (not just web) – but can also provide real-time insights to refine your product offerings for specific segments or even inspire incremental business models & revenue streams.

Our Digital Insights team works with you to manage the data silos across the enterprise and help you create a Digital Data Architecture to ensure your organization’s data insights are available and consumable when & where they’re needed.

We also provide Insights-as-a-Service capabilities to augment your existing team as a means to quickly make your data insights actionable without the need to invest in additional resources before you can become a data-driven organization.

Customer Engagement

Cross-functional insights & execution fuel our contribution to your CX innovation

“Digital Disruption” has become the ubiquitous label of the moment – a rallying cry used in almost every context from Commerce and Marketing to Fiscal Reports – that fundamentally highlights the shift in control of the relationship between seller and buyer.  The scale and speed of today’s Digital Disruption has turned traditional marketing & engagement tactics on their head across a growing number of markets and verticals – as a “seller” you no longer own the captive space to deliver your messaging, you need to earn the right to have a conversation with your customers and consumers.  What’s more, the Internet has leveled the playing field when vying for consumer attention & loyalty with young digitally-native businesses stealing market share from industry stalwarts.

Our Customer Engagement team works with your Marketing, Commerce and Analytics teams to structure and enable a strategy to utilize the latest technologies in conjunction with your data insights to become smarter and more accurate with your marketing investment.  While this practice is inherently hybrid – utilizing experience and tactics from eCommerce and Marketing Automation – at its core is a data-driven approach that empowers your organization to consume data from across the Enterprise to create hyper-targeted campaigns and closed-loop programs to ensure you’re engaging with your customers and consumers when their most receptive.

To shorten timelines and reach ROI more quickly, our Data Science team created our own proprietary ML/AI algorithms tuned to a Commerce context that can run within our data repository or on popular cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon’s AWS.  We give these to you as part of every relevant engagement and is a great way to introduce this data-driven approach to your team.

Digital Architecture

Design, automate & deliver an elastic ecosystem enabling foundational legacy-to-digital agility

Successful marketing campaigns and a growing eCommerce business drive high volume of active users and purchases that can overwhelm your underlying ecosystem. Building upon the right digital architecture creates a solid foundation for sustainable digital channel growth. Be confident that your systems will sustain to meet customer demands. Unlock your engineering team’s ability to deliver new features faster. Achieve the right balance between microservices and extending the life of your legacy monolithic applications.

We can support your company in maximizing your ROI in Cloud technologies, DevOps practices, and engineering. Our digital architecture assessments help define the gaps, the building blocks, and the roadmap. Our complementary engineering services work with your teams to design, automate, and deliver the technology foundation aligned to your digital channel needs.

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Why Choose Us?

You’re likely already seeing the disruptive impact of "digital connectedness" on the relationships and engagement with your customers, your store associates and your vendors along the supply chain. More than ever before, the right capabilities to operate in a digital-first world are vital to having a direct and positive impact on the bottom-line.

Digital "Connectedness"

Decipher the digital expectations of your customers

Leveraging our experience from over two decades of building large and small B2C & B2B solutions, AAXIS has transformed into a Digital Commerce Agency to help both Business and IT stakeholders enable the “connectedness” that is prerequisite in today’s digital world. With a strong understanding of both consumer and business domains, we’ve expanded our commerce core with capabilities that stretch across the supporting business units and system boundaries within your business. This enables us to help you unlock the data capital you’ve accumulated across the business and deliver a more unified and personalized customer experience that maximizes conversion at every stage.

Business-First Approach

Quick wins and iterative attitude drive measurable uplift now

Whether you’re currently at the build stage, focusing on operational improvements, or working on optimization wins, our business-first approach and deep technical expertise can help address technical debt and siloed system roadblocks. Let us work with you to define and implement actionable steps towards stronger and sustainable revenue growth.