Our History

AAXIS came into being in 1999. It was started by the co-founders Asad Durrani and Amir Zafar as the world was at the cusp of changing as digital commerce was just getting started. In this initial period, the company was helping its customers move from complex back-office systems to newer technologies. With time AAXIS developed from a Southern California company which was focused on the media & entertainment and finance verticals, to a company that has a global footprint working across many verticals, with a specialization now in B2B organizations. AAXIS presence can be felt not only in the U.S but also in Latin America and in some parts of Asia.

In mid-2000 there was a rise of large Indian IT firms that were offering pricing that was never seen before in the industry. With cheaper offshore teams they were able to score a lot of clients and companies from the U.S were at a disadvantage because of this major change. But AAXIS remained positive and to remain competitive they quickly decided to go for a global delivery price point.

In 2007, AAXIS opened its first offshore delivery center in China.  This was an unusual move for the  time, as everyone was pretty much  moving to India. But this bold decision proved fruitful as they discovered  that they had access to a large pool of  skilled labor in China. They managed  to grow this center which had skilled  labor into a Center of Excellent with  over 200 skilled Commerce developers. From here they even provided  service to their clients located in Latin  America & U.S. as well as now being  able to offer unique services to Western companies based on technology  trends coming out of China.

They did not stop with China though.  AAXIS continued to evolve with the  market. It extended its services to a major online retailer in 2009 and  expanded to Latin America. Their first  major customer in Latin America was  located in Santiago, Chile. AAXIS subsequently opened its Latin American Center of Excellence here in 2012.

AAXIS Timeline

AAXIS Founded in Los Angeles, California

Business Intelligence and System Optimization Practice Starts.

Launched vertical specific data optimization solutions for Financial and Insurance industry

Expanded into Entertainment vertical

eCommerce practice starts.

Select Oracle ATG as exclusive eCommerce platform to specialize in.

Exclusively focused on Digital Commerce industry.

AAXIS technology center opens in Chengdu, China.

Digital Strategy practice starts.

Expanded Digital practice to include front-end design, user experience design, digital marketing, and analytics services.

AAXIS Latin America office opens in Santiago, Chile.

Big Data & ML/AI practice starts.

Technology practice strategically adopts wide range of digital marketing platforms.

Digital Architecture & Cloud/DevOps practice starts.