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The AAXIS Managed Services & Support solution ensures your Digital Commerce ecosystem is consistently powering your Customer experiences by managing and coordinating the support responsibilities of your multiple vendors all while delivering continuous feature development through our dedicated development specialists.

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For Marketing & eBusiness | For IT & Operations

Monitors & Supports Your Entire Digital Commerce Ecosystem

Qualified 24/7 monitoring & support across the entire Digital Commerce ecosystem including all integrations and 3rd party services.

One Team Coordinates All Vendor Support Services

Consolidate the support capabilities of your multiple systems & Vendors with one team that ensures a holistic approach - no more silos.

Increases Stability & Speed of Feature Releases

Dedicated DevOps team - scaled to your business needs - enables delivery of new features in days not months by establishing stable and automated releases you can count on.

Offered as a subscription service, our dedicated support specialists take ownership of and coordinate your multiple Vendors' support capabilities while simultaneously providing continuous digital commerce feature development through a scalable and cost-effective development capacity that ensures stability & continuity.

The AAXIS Managed Services & Support Solution Is Available For The Following Platforms














For Marketing & eBusiness

Marketing & eBusiness teams are constantly looking for new ways to connect with customers in ways that grow the relationship, increase loyalty and therefore revenue through a better value exchange.

Growing customer relationships and market share is a continuous battle in the best of circumstances, but even more challenging when the customer experience is plagued with feature & platform instabilities or struggles to scale with your success.

Operating a digital commerce solution today is often a team effort to support all the complexities and mix of platforms involved but you don't always have control - even if you own the budget - over how requests & activities are prioritized as you work to exceed customer expectations.

Increasingly, Marketing & eBusiness teams are looking for a solution that enables them to improve and control the stability & predictability of new feature releases that can compliment and work as an extension of their internal teams.

Increases Overall Platform Stability

Dedicated DevOps resources augment your existing team to automate deployment and testing to make the release process repeatable,  predictable & stable.

Improves Velocity of Feature Releases

Dedicated development resources experienced in modern cloud technologies for Commerce, Marketing and CRM compliment your team to provide continuous development capacity.

Offers Predictable & Scalable Budget Models

Scale the solution to meet your business needs with a predictable commercial model that includes both solution support & development services.

For IT & Operations

Platform stability and market agility are critical to your operations, your Marketing & eBusiness teams, and most of all, to your customers.

With more and more moving parts in your digital commerce ecosystem it can be challenging to balance the maintenance & internal support needs with providing your Marketing & eBusiness teams the customer facing features and upgrades at the pace they require.

As platform & application vendors accelerate their move to the cloud, companies are looking for solutions that alleviate bandwidth or technical experience gaps as a means to establish internal DevOps processes and upskill their resources on modern cloud paradigms that accelerate feature development velocity.  This approach is particularly powerful when you can simultaneously transfer the coordination of all support tasks across your digital commerce ecosystem of vendors, platforms and services while retaining prioritization oversight to control strategic direction.

Monitoring & Alerting
Proactive 24x7 monitoring of Production environments including key services, integrations, and platform customizations.
Support & Ticketing

Proactive technical support including a service desk for ticketing/incident management and coordinated support of external platform & service vendors.


Established reports for SLAs, performance, Issues, and operational metrics provided on a daily and weekly basis.


Continuous development with automated build/releases including automated unit & code quality testing.  Establish Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) process with your teams.

Framework Release & Patch Management

Pro-actively track and manage deployment of platform & key application releases and patches. Coordinate deployment, testing, and implementation of releases and patches with all relevant teams.


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