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The AAXIS Digital Commerce solution implements market-leading digital commerce platforms in a manner that provides technical & business agility for Marketing, eBusiness and IT teams to execute an organization’s strategic principles and business goals.


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For Marketing & eBusiness  |  For IT & Operations

Rapid Feature Development & Increased Stability

Provide the right balance of "buy vs build" for faster feature development with greater agility using modern tools & cloud paradigms.

Exceed Your Customers' Expectations

Deliver a superior customer experience by designing a unified experience across all channels that's fused into the Digital Commerce architecture.

Embrace Ecosystem Complexities

Enable the benefits of a modern Digital Commerce platform without sacrificing the process & system complexities that differentiate your customer experience.

Offered as a service, our dedicated digital commerce specialists look beyond the digital commerce platform to understand your business context, strategic principles and adjacent systems then deliver a digital commerce solution – executed through a customer-centric lens – that enables your teams to innovate across the customer journey.

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For Marketing & eBusiness

Digital commerce experiences that focus predominantly on transactional efficiency are no longer differentiators.  A common mistake organizations make is to look at customer experience in a piecemeal fashion, and deploy trendy but tactical technologies without taking into account the entire customer journey.

However, many of the customer journey functions are not handled by the digital commerce platform; some are covered by functions such as marketing, merchandising, customer service and fulfillment. To succeed in the world of digital business, Marketing & eBusiness teams need to understand the whole customer journey and life cycle to strategically design the interactions between digital commerce and adjacent applications and processes, and to offer a unified experience that enables customers to transact and complete tasks with minimal effort.

Often though, the challenge is not having the underlying technical agility to design a unified and continuous experience that facilitates customers moving between channels and across processes & functions.  But even a well designed experience can soon lag behind customer expectations if organizations aren't composed to innovate or have the right tools in the right hands to rapidly address customer expectations - a process that typically requires cross-organizational effort to continuously deliver business outcomes.

Determining how digital commerce will interact with adjacent customer journey functions and creating organizational capabilities for innovation along with the technical agility to support them are the foundations for providing a superior and personalized customer experience that will deliver more loyal customers, higher revenue and lower cost for customer acquisition & retention.

Multiexperience Consistency Across Marketing, CRM and Commerce

Ensure the key platforms that drive the entire customer journey are aligned & integrated for a consistent customer experience.

Faster Feature Development for Evolving Customer Expectations

Modern cloud-based solutions coupled with business agility enable the continuous release of digital product improvements.

Control the Customer Experience Without Development Skills

Create & Deploy Content, Products, CTAs, Pages, and SEO Without IT Involvement or breaking transactional integrity.

For IT & Operations

Whether implementing digital commerce for the first time or replacing an existing solution, organizations often treat digital commerce as a one-time project - eventually leaving the application architecture and functionality out of sync with business needs. Over time the platform can actually hinder efforts to respond to competitive pressures, rapidly deliver new customer experiences, or support new business models.

Successful digital commerce initiatives rarely end in a “keeping the lights on” mode, as customer expectations and technology innovation move at a feverish pace.  The challenge becomes establishing a resilient architecture and technical infrastructure designed to support continuous innovation while retaining the cost & velocity benefits of adopting a digital commerce platform.

Digital commerce platforms today provide a cloud architecture & delivery model that makes continuous innovation easier.  But this doesn't automatically guarantee innovation agility since any digital commerce platform will unavoidably require interactions & data from foundational business systems that introduce complexities and weren’t designed to web scale to serve today’s digital demand.  Addressing these challenges to support digital commerce initiatives means utilizing new technology stacks & solution patterns that improve the performance and scalability of current business systems but often isn't, or shouldn't be, solved entirely within the digital commerce platform.

Understanding how to effectively use modern technology stacks to create a technical infrastructure that enables digital business agility  may run counter to existing skills & familiarity, but is critical to foster an environment of rapid digital feature and product development that not only drives new revenue growth but creates cost efficiencies now and for the future.

Greater Agility & Modern Tools for Rapid Development

Achieve increased reliability & stability to continually deploy new features to meet business needs.

Efficiently Accommodate Ecosystem Complexities

Modernize digital commerce capabilities while accommodating process complexity & foundational business system limitations.

Lower Cost of Ownership with Faster Time to Value

Enable cloud-native benefits that efficiently balance organization-specific customizations with standard platform features.


Being successful today requires organizations to provide the technical and business agility that enables teams to innovate & compose compelling experiences consistently across the entire customer journey.


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