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The AAXIS Customer Data Insights solution lets your Marketing, eBusiness and Sales teams operationalize engagement insights from across the entire Customer Journey.  From Advertising and Outbound Marketing to Purchase Patterns and Customer Care – we help you create predictive insights to drive personalized customer experiences that sell.


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For Marketing & eBusiness  |  For Sales  |  For IT & Operations

Being able to analyze, understand - and most importantly - act on data insights across the customer journey will put you on a path to join the ranks of successful insight-driven businesses that are growing at an average of 30% each year.1


Aggregate Entire Customer Journey Data

Get a holistic view of Customer Engagement - connect Marketing activities to online sales - no more silos.

Analyze & Visualize Customer Engagement

No need to guess about key engagement patterns that impact business metrics - you can see them.

Predict Customer Intent to Improve Sales

Personalize messaging, CTA's and product offers at the most receptive moment for your Customers.

Offered as a service, our dedicated specialists work as an extension of your Marketing, eBusiness, Sales or IT/Ops teams to help you become a data-driven organization.  We'll work with you to become self-sufficient and be your secret weapon until you're ready to take control.


For Marketing & eBusiness

Marketing & eBusiness teams are looking to connect with customers in ways that grow the relationship, increasing loyalty and therefore revenue through a better value exchange.

Growing customer relationships today means understanding the details of their engagement across their entire journey so you can optimize and create experiences that impact your key business metrics.  This is often a monumental challenge since there are many different systems involved in delivering that end-to-end journey.  Closing the loop on top-of-funnel activities to understand Marketing & eBusiness outcomes (not just Open or Click rates) is impeded by these multiple systems that lock insights within their own platform leaving you with partial segments of a journey held hostage in unconnected platforms - you can't work with the big picture..

To make a significant business impact with campaigns, CTA's and top-of-funnel efforts, marketers need access to aggregated multi-experience engagement data from across the entire customer journey - in a way they can visualize and act upon.

Understand the Entire Customer Journey

Understand and optimize how your top-of-funnel activities are driving business value in your accounts & prospects across their entire journey from Advertising to eCommerce to Service.

Identify Opportunities to Engage Better

Discover better ways to grow customer relationships that lead to increased engagement & buying behavior.

Optimize Engagement Moments That Convert

Use your first-party data from the entire customer journey to identify opportunities for targeted engagement moments that convert better and improve customer loyalty.

For Sales

By 2025, over 90% of B2B enterprise sales organizations will continue to rely on intuition instead of advanced data analytics, resulting in inaccurate forecasts, sales pipelines and quota attainment.

This isn't all that surprising considering intuition is sometimes the only forward-looking insight you have since most traditional sales tools focus on historic information without context (account firmographics, deals open/won, sales pipeline, quotas, calls made, emails opened, etc.) which isn't helpful when you're trying to find new opportunities to sell to your customers & prospects.

Sales teams need insights about how their target accounts & prospects are engaging across the entire journey to inform next-best-actions that move deals through the sales funnel.  But too often the customer information available in traditional sales solutions doesn’t include engagement data from other channels, leaving you in the dark about important customer activity that could provide the hook to close your next deal.

Understand Customer Behavior Outside the Sales Cycle

Access customer data that exposes how your accounts are really engaging across the Marketing, eCommerce and Service channels when you need it, without waiting for periodic reports that aren’t tailored to your specific accounts or needs.

Use Customer Wins to Predict Future Opportunities

Discover & predict customer purchase patterns that indicate new sales opportunities for both existing accounts and new prospects.

Catch Customers Before They Leave

The hardest part is winning a new account - observe signals that indicate a negative change in purchase patterns in time to turn them around.

For IT & Operations

Marketing, eBusiness and Sales teams need support to become better informed about how to optimize and improve engagement with accounts & prospects.

The data insights scenarios that solve this are many and often specific to your business - there is no single new application to implement that can magically enable this.  Instead, extracting and making actionable the data that sits in the platforms that already drive the multiple segments of the customer journey (marketing automation, social, digital commerce, customer service, etc.) is the quickest, most cost-effective and valuable approach.

Getting the various relevant data sets into a single repository is straight-forward.  The challenges begin to mount when your faced with how to normalize the data sets to make them function as a whole, or the time and resources you likely can't spare, or don't have, to focus on this.

It's Your Data and Your Cloud Infrastructure

You own the data and the cloud-based infrastructure it sits in.  We only act as a data-processor on your behalf.

Use the Cloud Provider You Prefer

Maximize the investment you already have with Google, AWS or Azure to quickly aggregate multiple data silos without long implementation timelines and harness the built-in visualization & Machine Learning tools.

Create Empowered Business Users

Let your business users analyze & visualize the way they want using cloud tools that don't require IT intervention.

What set AAXIS apart from other agencies we’ve worked with in the past was their ability to both design and execute a marketing strategy. AAXIS took things to the next level by taking ownership of figuring out how to help Toshiba perform better online.

Paul Collas
Director, Toshiba Direct


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To ensure you succeed, we've created a 30-minute agenda used to develop a Customer Data Insights roadmap specific to your assumptions & goals that we'll send you.

This roadmap is yours to use internally with your teams, or, follow-up with us to continue the conversation.