Company Overview

Established in 2002 from the merger of 6 companies, Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the world’s leading biopolymer producer.


Service Areas

Digital Commerce


In an industry whose most recent technology disruption was email back in the 90’s, Braskem felt the time was right to investigate how embracing digital technologies could help them attract, engage and service customers across their product lines.

Given their industry, Braskem first needed to understand if their customers would even adopt digital experiences. To test their theory, Braskem worked with AAXIS to design a minimum viable product (MVP) of key customer features to test reactions and adoption rates on a small group of customers to validate what the actual demand might be.

After running their test for 5 months and seeing that there was indeed a demand for a digital portal in the petrochemical space, Braskem took the decision to transform their proof of concept into a live digital channel.

“It became pretty clear that it was viable for us to have a more aggressive push to implement non-traditional technologies.  We decided then that we wanted Braskem to be a digital leader.”

- Jason Vagnozzi, Director North American Ventures, Braskem America


First and foremost, Braskem grounded the initiative in an iterative rapid-prototyping methodology that became their foundation to understand customers’ needs, quickly release features and elicit feedback.

This provided Braskem the agility to onboard a consistently widening circle of existing customers willing to exchange manual processes for an ever-growing list of digital features such as:

  • Online forecasting of order quantities improving traditional processes by providing personalized accuracy insights between previous orders and forecasts.
  • Digital self-service order capture, order status, order tracking and analytics that reduced the overall purchase cycle that typically was managed over multiple phones calls & faxes.
  • Collaboration space to facilitate interaction with sales teams for customer sample requests and qualification of products to fit industrial processes thereby reducing the enquiry cycle and improving delivery.

Braskem’s methodology also engaged their sales teams who ultimately facilitate customer adoption.



  • Buyers have real-time visibility of order status without the need to contact customer service.  Real-time tracking of rail cars and truck shipments enables more accurate & efficient planning.

  • Buyers are forecasting demand for coming periods and have clear visibility into the accuracy of their forecasts against orders placed thereby improving their ordering process.

  • Buyers’ sample requests and discovery & qualification of a product for a specific need, which previously was a manual process that could typically take months, is now tracked and organized by the digital channel – drastically improving the customer experience.

  • One destination for customers to get their invoices, bill of ladings, shipment documents, etc.

  • Implemented over 500 additional features in the first eight months using their iterative methodology to continuously develop and measure the digital channel.