Company Overview

Leading Petrochemical Company Embraces eCommerce with Online Marketplace.

Established in 2002 from the merger of 6 companies, Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the world’s leading biopolymer producer.


Service Areas

Digital Commerce

The Goal

Braskem’s goal of going online was simple: take their entirely offline business and modernize it with an online marketplace for a self-serve customer experience. Given their industry, Braskem first needed to test if their customers would even adopt a digitized buyer experience. To test their theory, Braskem worked with BCG Digital Ventures to build a minimum viable product (MVP) of their ideal marketplace to test out adoption rates on a small group of customers to see what the actual demand would be.

After running their test for 5 months and seeing that there actually was a demand for a digitized marketplace in the petrochemical space, Braskem took the next step of selecting AAXIS and Oro Commerce to transform their proof of concept into a live digital commerce channel - Braskem's Edge Portal.

The Solution

In Phase 1, the Edge portal focused on moving Braskem’s existing B2B buyers to the Edge Marketplace giving them access to features such as:

  • Incentivizing online forecasting of order quantities by providing personalized accuracy trend insights between previous orders and forecasts.
  • Digital self-service order capture, order status, order tracking and analytics.
  • A spot marketplace that offers up "factory seconds" as well as prime products at a steep discount on a first come first served basis.
  • Collaboration space to facilitate interaction for sample requests and qualification of products to fit industrial processes
In Phase 2, Braskem has focused on onboarding additional existing customers to the Edge portal.  The result of this activity is the creation of many new features suggested by Braskem customers to meet various needs that ultimately benefit the entire Braskem ecosystem.

The Results

  • Buyers have real-time visibility of order status without the need to contact customer service.  Tracking of rail cars and truck shipments allows for better planning.
  • Buyers are forecasting demand for coming periods and have clear visibility into the accuracy of their forecasts against orders placed to improve their ordering process.
  • Buyers’ sample requests and discovery & qualification of a product for a specific need, which previously was a manual process that could typically take months, is now tracked and organized by the Edge portal drastically reducing the time required.
  • Implemented over 500 additional features/enhancements in first eight months using an Agile/iterative approach to continuously developing the Edge portal.