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‘Data Insights’ Really Can Drive B2B Engagement: Practical Stats, Case Studies & ROI Tips to get you on a data-driven path

Tuesday, Nov 12, 11:10 am

Knowing how your customers are really engaging with you – across multiple channels, touch-points & internal business teams – is the first step in creating experiences that will drive revenue. But there is a lot of generalist information out there. So, what are the basics of Data Insights you need to make it work for you?

Join this session for practical examples & tips from AAXIS’ 20+ years as a Digital Commerce Agency to get you started on a path to unlock your data capital. The aim of this presentation is to provide concrete tips to deliver a more unified and personalized customer experience.

  • Key reasons to improve your Data Insights capabilities – With everything else going on, why should you prioritize Data?
  • Real-world examples of how B2B businesses are using Data Insights to drive eCommerce revenue.
  • Suggestions for presenting ROI cases – A huge budget is not mandatory to start using Data to drive incremental revenue!



B2B Tech Roundtable:  Data Powered B2B Commerce Growth: Where to Start & Organizational Impact

Tuesday, Nov 12, 11:50 am

We’ll answer questions and discuss tactical activities to start powering your eCommerce with Data Insights.


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